Praise for Brow OTR Microblading

Honor is not only a spectacular artist, she is also a spectacular person who is very warm, friendly, and compassionate. This is important, as it affects your overall experience, since you'll be there for a few hours. She is extremely detail-oriented and is the epitome of professional. She does phenomenal work, and goes to great lengths to make sure her clients are happy with their experience and outcome. She checks back in with you several times to make sure you're healing correctly and that everything is going as planned. Honor is committed to nothing less than excellence! I highly recommend her!

- Greer Coltrane 


I researched Microblading for months before finally deciding to do it. I am so glad I did - and so thrilled that I found Honour!!! She is amazing. Very attentive to detail, concerned about the client's level of comfort, and committed to making the client totally happy. Highly recommend!

- Kristy Georgiton 


So I'm a guy that got microblading. I've always wanted fuller more masculine eyebrows but never had any options. I decided to give this a try since it wasn't permanent. I'm completely 100% happy with the results. First I was worried about the pain. I have several tattoos and each one of them hurt like hell. With the microblading I felt absolutely nothing. Second I was worried that they would look like the old ladies you see with their eyebrows tattooed on in just a continuous line (sorry ladies). Not at all. The tattoos look like real hair. Third the amount of time it took. It didn't take as long as expected. It was much quicker than getting a tattoo done. Overall I have nothing negative to say about the experience or the results and I would definitely do it again. Honour definitely is a pro at her craft.

- Kavion Stacey


It's AMAZING to wake up like this!! Raised my confidence in my appearance at least 100%.

- Myriah Johanna


Just finished up my first round on my brows and I can't even put into words how amazing they look. Having strawberry blond hair and blonde brows I have always had to draw on my brows. And when I say always I mean always. Swimming or sweating on a hot summer day always has my brows all over the place. I am so excited for this summer! They already look amazing. I can't imagine what they will look like after round 2!

- Stephanie Bergman


Honor did my brows a couple of weeks ago, and wow they are spectacular!!! My brows are more full and look amazing!!! I can not recommend Honor and Browtr more!!

- Sherri Barber

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